Wuhan -CN


Reconstruction of the ZOO

Wuhan (china)

The renovation project for Wuhan zoo falls within an international context where a growing respect for nature and environmental values is developing in an increasingly urbanized world. Taking account of the configuration of the site on a peninsula, water is here the thematic of the visit.
Raised walks have been incorporated, allowing one to see the animals from different view points. Several environments will thus be developed: mountains, continental, tropical, wetlands, gorges and also arid environments. This spatial organization shows the different forms that water takes in nature, from its abundance to its almost total lack. This multitude of situations allows one to present a great number of animals in extremely varied landscapes.
Client : Ville de Wuhan
Directeur de projet : Jean-Christophe Nani
Project Manager : Agathe Turmel
Team : Mandataire : TN+ / Expert Zoo : Monika Fiby / Zoologue : Jean Marc Lernould
Surface : 80 ha
Year : 2007