Vénissieux -F


Vénissieux (F)

Requalification of an Urban Site called ‘Ilot du Cerisier’

Besides its position on a plateau, the Cerisiers site in Vénissieux has been strongly marked by the “wild” practices of the district, through the traces of a diagonal path that crosses it from east to west. This layout, which splits the site into two entities, allows an interesting shift between two major complementary uses: housing on the one hand, and public facilities on the other. Through the north/south alternation that results from it, the public space has a major role in providing coherence and directing the flow of movement. Along the diagonal axis, we had to establish varied spaces that open onto the Jean Cagne Avenue on the Soth Side, and onto the Division Leclerc Avenue on the East side. This diagonal axis thus connects the north and the south of the site, the front and the back. By no means is this about increasing centralities, rather it is about inscribing the block in the substance of the recomposed urban tissue. The creation of the forecourt of the Jean Wiener music school constitutes the first phase of the development of the block. The ground, in exposed-aggregate concrete structured by stripes of blue stone, figures the uniform base of the entire block. To ensure a good visibility for security reasons, the plant palette contains only ground-covering plants and trees. The forecourt is planted with Judas trees (Cercis siliquastrum), whose springtime flowering creates a spectacular event. In order to differentiate the usages, the car park is found “behind”, on the northern edge of the property. The honey locust trees (Gleditsia triacanthos f inermis) that provide shade to the parking lot make up the backdrop for the building and the forecourt seen from the avenue.
Supervisor : TN+
Client : Urban Community of Lyon
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : Andras Jambor
Team : TN+ landscape architects mandatory / Engineering : Sotrec
Surface : 1 ha
Budget : 4 M €
Year : 2007/2009