Troyes canal -F



Canal de Seine

Removal the cover of the Seine waterway is the starting point for the docks requalification. Without cars traffic the project restore all its value in this historic district of the city center and near the cathedral.
Belvederes on the waterway, plantations of charms along docks and creation of a long wooden bench-gardener are the major actions. They participate in the creation of a new image of places, articulate with the quite close Liberation square, and farther the city hall district.
Finally, a fountain-sculpture becomes a major mark and a point of playful attraction. In the evening, its lighting in warm colors strengthens its impact
Client : Troyes Municipality
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : Stephanie Henry
Team : TN+ landscape designer
Surface : 15 000 sq
Budget : 5M€
Year : 2011-2012