Troyes -F



The installation of an underground car park in the center of the Liberation Square in Troyes, was the engine of redevelopment of the site.

On the occasion of the work and the slaughter of existing trees, highlighting a major perspective on Cathedral oriented thinking to take account of a wider visual scope, connecting three gardens and canal.
The cover removal of the Seine Waterway, the historic water channel of Troyes city, is the starting point for these new embankments. In the same time, there is a partial pedestrianization, restoring all its value to the very old district, near the wonderful cathedral, the theater, and very close from many attractive shops and public houses. All that in the crossroads of busy pedestrian flows.
This project also offers the opportunity to retie the contact with the water, the historic element of the economic development of this city. These new project participate in the creation of a new places image, articulate with the quite close Liberation square, and farther the City Hall place, too redrawn.
The project is restoring the ground quality (use of pavements and paving stones in limestone harmonizing with materials already used somewhere else in the city) and creating several quiet and
rest zones (belvederes on waterway).
New trees (charms) on the banks and a long wooden bench-gardener extend over the whole shelf space. These gardeners mix evergreen vegetables as the box tree (typical of the city center) and of flowering shrubs as serviceberry or cherry trees. Finally a lot of perennials come every year to complete the plan. The set so offers from spring to autumn a varied pallet of colors.
The suppression of the car traffic in this part of banks also allowed the setting-up of new restaurants and outside terraces, still stressing the revival of this district.
During the night, the very soft lighting underlines these warm colors, and bring to light in a different way in front of the medieval facades which surround these locations.
Finally, a metal fountain-sculpture, become a major mark and a point of playful attraction for many people
In the evening, its lighting in the changeable colors strengthens its impact, in the general waterway viewpoint

Client : Ville de Troyes
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : Agathe Turmel
Year : 2006-2009