Saint fons -F


Saint fons

Despite its central location this district has suffered for a long time from a geographical isolation and an aging building heritage. The main goal of the requalification is to reintegrate the area to the city by the development of a new road network, the re-establishment of the buildings and the restructuring of the public space in identifiable functional units. The existing vegetation, one of the major assets of the site, was enriched by new species. The better hierarchization of the vegetal layers helps to qualify the various public spaces. The connection between building entrances and parking lots is entirely redesigned and simplified. Each parcel has its own playground for the young children, and there is one common sports ground for teenagers. The 25 community gardens are today entirely occupied, and the shared garden is busy by associations and nearby schools. All along the
design phases a series of public consultation allowed to adjust the project to the needs of the tenants.

Supervisor : TN+ paysagistes mandataires SOTREC Bet Infrastructure
Client : Grand Lyon OPAC du Rhône
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : Andras JAMBOR
Team : TN+ paysagistes mandataires SOTREC Bet Infrastructure
Surface : 6 ha
Budget : 6M€
Year : 2003-2008