Rabat -MA


Masterplan of the new ZOO

Rabat (Morocco)

The project of constructing the new zoological park of Rabat makes part of the framework of negotiations between the kingdom of Morocco, represented by the Commission for Water and Forests, and the ADDOHA Promotion group. In exchange for the acquisition of the site of the current zoo, ADDOHA has undertaken the design and realization of the future zoo nearby, in the heart of the green belt, in the south of the agglomeration.
Our team imagined a zoological park responding to today’s visitors’ expectations, presenting five contrasting environments, going from dry prairies to tropical mountain forest, in which threatened species from all over the world will roam.
It is a project where the work of relief has taken an important role, in order to put in place a new geography, one of watersheds, crest lines, lakes and pools. A sort of allegorical garden where each emblematic animal naturally finds its place, and where the visitors’ feeling of being far removed from the city serves to emphasise the underlying educational message which advocates a responsible attitude from each of us within all the ecosystems.
Client : Royaume du maroc
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant et Jean-Christophe Nani
Project Manager : Julien Pacia
Team : TN PLUS avec Monika FIBY
Surface : 50 ha
Budget : 30 M €
Year : 2006