Paris International Campus development

This famous campus join at the same time the project of Parisian green belt and the idea of a south radial road thought in 1900s by the landscape architect JCN Forestier
(1887-1930) since the Latin Quarter up to the Park of Sceaux, and more widely today between the future Campus Condorcet in Aubervilliers and Saclay.
It’s a question of thinking and of revealing the succession of parks and spaces opened in network on the scale of the valley of Bièvre which draws a landscaped skeleton in which the Student residence constitute a major bounce piece and an major potential
This beam, sensitive obvious fact and meeting of horizons, hires the beginnings of the project and leads the direction to make exist differently the Park of the Student halls of residence.
We shall speak then about network, about development of the contrasts and complementarities, allowing defining a landscaped
structure capable of accompanying the transformations of the Student halls of residence and particularly its park which is an essential datum of its fame
The new project directly joins the Park Montsouris by North-South successive sliding, to connect both parks in the same set, the same coherence.
On the Est, the Forest and on the West, Groves. The park of the campus and Montsouris Park capitalize their plant potential.
The species change, the heights distinguish themselves, the species are diverse and also propose a bigger biodiversity, capable of creating the conditions of a real ecological corridor.
The park will be protected of the Beltway by a landscaped device which will draw a big woody bank.
It’s so a question of striking up a conversation with the existing elements, already in the work or of becoming there, with a large-scale strategy.

Client : Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris _ EPAURIF
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : julien Bellenoue
Team : Bruno FORTIER architect and team manager, TN PLUS landscape designer, BERIM Engineering firm, J.M Weill engineer, Zoom Ecologist, Light Cible lighting
Surface : 34ha
Budget : 22M€
Year : 2014/2018