Gradignan -F


Competition for the Project for the public space of the City Center in Gradignan

The new project must reposition the Square Bernard Romégoux in the center of the urban structure of Gradignan. The Charles de Gaulle Avenue is and will be the main axes of the city. It will reinforce de urban dynamism of the Square Romégoux, but it will be no longer the spatial generator of it. Thanx to the project the Square wins its spatial and functional independence. It is about a simple displacement of measure, a new balance in the status of the square. The project deploys a water-square in the middle, half way between spaces of different vocation. This minimalist form appears as the crystallization of the numerous water channels crossing the city center. With its elementary form, the water-square, becomes the symbol of the city center. The fountain can be shut down and the parking area reorganized in order to allow the square to adapt its configuration to the different needs
depending on the hour, the day or the season. The square of the Saint Pierre Church, which is directly connected to the Romégoux Square, will valorize the important historical building, thanks to its flowering carpet of meadow composed of essences of the South. So all public space of the city center will be organized around a new center of gravity. The Romégoux Square becomes the mirror of the landscapes of Gradignan, and will host new and multiple functions.

Supervisor : TN plus
Client : Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux
Project Manager : Andras Jambor
Team : TN+ mandataire / architectes FHY / Egis BET VRD / Coup d'Eclat BET éclairage / images: TN+ & Jean Joyon
Year : 2011