Bordeaux (F)


BELVEDERE new central polarity

The right bank of Bordeaux is the object of a reconquest on the theme of the natural, facing each other Bank of the bank of Pierre, classified in the UNESCO world heritage. The operation BELVEDERE is the first stone of the Sector the Garonne Eiffel, within the OIN Euratlantique. TN MORE is a member of 3 finalists of the competition, within a grouping of promoters (ICADE /PICHET / DOMOFRANCE / ADIM), beside BVAU architect and town planners.
Our proposal consists in creating a Natural district where we shall be confronted everywhere to a strong experience of Landscape. A relation powerful on horizons at first, on ground and on balconies and terraces of the project. But also an experience of closeness with one somewhere else within gardens of hearts of islands which evoke the big global forest formations. Rafraichissantes sequences also, in the heart of the summer of Bordeaux, with a high technique of management of the water and the hygrometry which will be made invisible. It will also be public places enriched by gardens banners which announce the theme developed at the heart of every island which will have its own personality.
Client : Euratlantique
Directeur de projet : Jean-Christophe NANI
Project Manager : Paulà ANTUNEZ SOUZA
Team : Groupement ICADE / PICHET / DOMOFRANCE / ADOM avec BVAU urbanistes
Surface : 10 ha
Year : 2015/2016