Berry -F


Canal de Berry lanscape design

Département du Cher

This project is an opportunity to involve the development of a long straight and a global reflection on reading the landscape through a strong and structuring element as the Canal de Berry .
Here , the landscape is already established , everything is there, but there is no strong relationship between the various elements . The objective is to establish or restore these relations, these exchanges, such fluidity .
At no time is strictly linear landscape : Channel does not induce a landscape that is parallel . This project will take time and time to find its "final" form: it is a chance. Progressive construction of its vegetation , its paths become the support of an educational ecology. Water, its movements, transformations, its properties , its impact on the flora and fauna are the settings worked. We intend to set the foundation for a project where the development is an integral part of the overall concept . This notion of scalability is essential for this project binds to its territory, and weaves a network of places and events, for the discovery or rediscovery of a piece
of history that continues .

Client : Conseil Général du Cher
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : Agathe Turmel, Florian LARCHER
Team : Landscape design TN+ / Architecte : Stéphane Lemoine / paysagiste associé : Rodolphe Chemière /Ingénierie VRD : Saunier associés
Surface : linéaire de 190 km
Budget : NC
Year : 2009-2011