Campus Condorcet


Several major members of the French university and research sphere have been united around the project called « Campus Condorcet », supported by the Ministry of Education and Research. The objective of the project is to propose an internationally renowned campus opened to the entire scientific community. The site of the future Campus occupies a singular position in the Parisian agglomeration. The site is in the vicinity immediate of Paris situated, in the heart of a region under massive urban development. Metro line n°12 connects the Campus with the city center of the capital and soon with that of Aubervilliers.
The gardens of the campus spread out in between the buildings of the campus as the opened pages several pop-up books. The volume of the vegetation rhythms the series of buildings and the gardens appear as a series of large openings and respirations in the urban tissue of the district. Opened during the day, the gardens reinforce the East-West permeability of the Campus. They allow the campus to function as a urban seam. In reference of the various origins of the researchers and the international aspect of the Campus, the concept of the gardens is based on the scientific term of biomes. Part of the heritage of the prehistorical era of the ‘Pangea’, the biomes illustrate the transcontinental organization of the biodiversity.

The gardens of the Campus are imagined as samples of the vast biomes of the Earth. Each garden can be pictured as carried by a freighter coming from far away,
moored one next to the other by the dock of the Campus Condorcet : ‘International Port of the Research’. Each garden recalls the characteristics of the biomes it is inspired from. The most remarkable specimens are labeled with their name and geographical area. On a peculiar way, the public spaces of the Campus become a large botanical garden benefiting both the researchers and the locals.

Client : Etablissement public de coopération scientifique Campus Condorcet
Directeur de projet : Bruno Tanant
Project Manager : Andras Jambor
Team : Groupement EIFFAGE * Architecte Mandataire : Atelier Michel Rémon * Architecte Partenaire : Jean-Philipe PARGADE * BET VRD : Berim * BET Environnement : Amoes * images TN plus & Golem * …
Surface : 4 ha
Budget : 6 M€
Year : 2014/2015