Jean-Christophe NANI


For his landscape architecture degree obtained in 1999 at the ENSP Versailles, Jean-Christophe NANI worked on a study titled « Occupy unstable grounds », under the supervision of Jean-Luc BRISSON, Anne-Sylvie BRUEL, Gilles CLEMENT and Bruno TANANT, in which already appeared the stakes and questionning that fascinate him : the fair place of human beings in their habitat and the comprehension of natural systems that lead great ecological balances.

Between territorial strategy and manifesto for the adaptation of the human race facing the evolutions of its environment, this work has found since 2002, when he created TN+ with Bruno TANANT, multiple echoes in his landscape architecture practice.

Through numerous projects and the large variety of their scales, he explores the ability of the modern landscape architect to interact with the different players of the transformation of the territory, in order to enlight the vision of a desirable and responsible future.

Jean-Christophe NANI took part in design studios opf several architecture schools (Versailles, Paris-Malaquais, Marne-la-Vallée).

He also spoke at Sciences Po for students in DESS Urbanism, and at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, and regularly participates as a competition jury member.