TN PLUS has been developing its holistic approach combining landscape architecture and urbanism since 2002.  The office is composed of a dozen of landscape architects and architects coming from various professional horizons and countries all over the World. Regarding the evolution of the profession in the last decade, and the pressing challenges brought up by the climate change, TN PLUS has forged a highly environmental approach opened both to the large scale landscape and to the urban space. In many strategical projects the landscape appears to be a proper gateway to treat crucial subjects like the urban sprawl, the economical circuit of the rural and urban territory, the necessity of transportation, of food production, of leisure and recreation. In parallel with the growing public awareness towards the environmental issues, TN PLUS has developed its emblematic projects in order to create a harmonic relation between City and Nature. The office strongly believes that the city can, and therefore must, become a fertile substrate for nature.

From the emblematic public spaces in the historical center of Troyes or Roannes, through the renovation of the International University Campus of Paris, until the urban planning of districts on the right bank of Bordeaux or Boulogne-Billancourt, it is the combination of the subjects, various both in theme and size, that ends up by creating a logical system. The fertilization of the soil, the consideration of the suburban territories, the enrichment of the local biodiversity make all part of our leitmotive in search for a symbiotic relation between Man and its environment.

Thanks to its experience in ZOO design (Paris-Vincennes, Saint Petersburg, Montpellier, among others..) TN PLUS has earned a real legitimacy in combining the natural habitats within its projects according to a systematic and holistic approach on landscape and urbanism. Due to its up close interest in the subjects of territory evolution and transitory urbanism TN plus has also been involved in the development of innovative prefiguration projects, co-constructions and temporary site animations (Grenoble- Hamilcar Gardens, Nanterre-Les Groues,…).

We believe that the transversal dialogue established between the diverse projects leads to a truly fulfilling design process.