TN PLUS was founded in 2002 by the landscape architects Bruno TANANT and Jean Christophe NANI who were joined by Andras JAMBOR in 2011. The agency, which allies competencies on both landscape architecture and urbanism, assembles a dozen of landscape architects and architects coming from the most various horizons. Invested as much in the conceptual design phase of the projects as in the technical accompaniment of the constructions, TN PLUS believes particularly in the importance of working on projects of various scale, nature and location. The transformation of a site, whatever it consists of, interrogates the larger territory and the way how the different scales of the project communicate with each other. It is by carrying on different but complementary themes, that the projects become considerably rich.

Either as a team leader or as co-contractor, TN PLUS participates actually to several large scale projects. We can mention as some of the examples the urban study for Reims Metropole 2025, the urban development study of the Euromediterranée district on the northern part of the city of Marseille, the Gosnat avenue in Ivry and the Blaise Pascal avenue in Evry both in the suburbs of Paris, the Arsenal residential district near Lyon, the urban renewal project of the city of Saint Quentin en Yvelines, or the landscape of the new international airport of Jeddah [Saudi Arabia]. In a few years, TN PLUS also gained a large experience in zoo design. As the laureate of the design competition for the Zoo of Paris-Vincennes, the agency had the chance to develop the masterplan of the new zoo until the detailed design phase. Several other projects have followed. The agency has worked on zoo masterplans in Wuhan [China] and Rabat [Morocco] and it won the competition for the renovation of the zoo of Helsinki [Finland]. In 2011 TN PLUS was also designated as laureate of the competition for the new zoo of Saint Petersburg [Russia].